OpenLDAP: LDAP directories

  • Know the concepts of LDAP
  • Know how to install and configure an OpenLDAP server housing a blank page type directory (names, telephone, employee email addresses) or an authentication directory for Unix / Linux users

System administrators, network administrators.

Good knowledge of Linux system administration.

3 Days.

This network training is punctuated by an alternation of presentations and practical work. For “Distance” training, they are carried out with a Teams or Zoom type videoconferencing tool depending on the case, allowing the trainer to adapt his pedagogy. our website full details on distance sessions or virtual classes.


What is a directory LDAP vocabulary (DN, LDIF, attributes, schemas, etc.)

LDAP, the client side

The LDAP protocol Install and configure the JXlorer browser Query a directory Configure an email client (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.)

The OpenLDAP server

Install OpenLDAP Configure OpenLDAP, the slapd.conf file, old and new syntax Basic operation (starting, stopping, server monitoring) Setting up an employee directory (phone, email, etc.)

Secure LDAP

LDAP authentication (simple or SASL) Encryption of exchanges (TLS / SSL), configuration of OpenLDAP OpenLDAP ACLs, passwords and their management

Centralize user accounts with OpenLDAP

The NSS configuration, the nsswitch.conf file The PAM configuration (/etc/pam.d/*) Create an LDAP authentication server, configure the clients Panorama of administration tools and scripts

Distribution and fault tolerance

Distribute the directory over several servers, referrals Replicate data with slurpd Replicate data with syncrepl Proxy servers and meta-directories, interoperability with Active-Directory