The Basics of Storage

  • Acquire the fundamental culture of storage at the technical level, as well as at the architectural and management level, to understand the terminology, the issues and the future
  • Have the knowledge to be able to follow the course “IEL102 – OnTap Administration and Protection” for administrators not familiar with storage technologies

New administrators or storage architects wanting to acquire a first approach to data management technologies.

Systems and networks knowledge.

3 Days.

Alternation of theoretical contributions, demonstration and exchange

This training prepares for the Storage Networking Foundations exam (S10-110) of SNIA. For “remote” training, they are carried out with a Teams or Zoom type videoconferencing tool depending on the case, allowing the trainer to adapt his pedagogy. Find all the details on distance sessions or virtual classes on our website.

Types of storage

Tape, Disk, SSD, Memory

Access to data


Data protection:

At the hardware level: Raid, Multipath, Mirror, HA, BC, DR Against human error: SnapShot, Vault Against a malicious act: encryption, keys

Tape & VTL backups

Storage Architecture

Cluster, Converged, Hyper-Converged, Cloud

Data structure

BD, Object,
Big data

Data life

Creation, Use, Archiving, ILM, Confidentiality