UNIX-Linux: Shell Programming

  • Program in Shell and efficiently use SED and AWK tools

Administrators, advanced users, application developers who need to use the shell in their daily work.

Knowledge of basic controls.

3 Days.

This Shell Programming training is punctuated by an alternation of presentations and practical work. For “Distance” training, they are carried out with a Teams or Zoom type videoconferencing tool depending on the case, allowing the trainer to adapt his pedagogy. on our website all the details on distance sessions or virtual classes.

Characteristics and use of the Shell

Common points of “sh”, “ksh”, “bash” and “csh” A script: definition, execution and debugging

The common base: The Bourne Shell

The / etc / profile and .profile configuration files General information on the variables (reserved and predefined) The environment, the parameters The functions The management of “trap” exceptions

Structure of controls

Alternative “if”, command “test”, loop “for”, “while” and “until” Multiple branching “case”, jumpsCommand “expr”, internal command “exec”

The advanced elements of the Korn shell and the bash

The function libraries (ksh) Handling arrays and strings The “select” and “getopts” commands The configuration files The arithmetic

SED and AWK tools

Reminders and complements on regular expressionsSed, editor in “flow” mode:. orders. use of regular expressions in “sed”
Awk (language that deals with text):. structure of an awk program. sections, criteria, statements Functions